Chicken Wire Empire

Formed in Wisconsin, Chicken Wire Empire has emerged as a pioneering force in the Upper Midwest contemporary bluegrass scene. Fusing traditional roots with innovative genre-blending elements, the band has captivated audiences worldwide with their unique musicality and electrifying performances.

In 2023, Chicken Wire Empire reached new heights with a showcase at the prestigious Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. It was an honor to perform 4 sets through rain and mud. This came on the heels of their diverse creative ventures, including “Verry Garcia,” a Grateful Dead tribute, and a distinctive rendition of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Disarm.” These projects showcased their ability to seamlessly blend genres, demonstrating a musical depth that resonates with both young and old fans of bluegrass.

CWE’s sophomore studio endeavor, “What Moves Mountains,” received widespread praise upon its release, and marks the band’s evolution. This musical journey was artfully captured in the documentary “All It Takes.” Directed by Ross Monagle, the film showcased their travels across Wisconsin, including soul-stirring performances at Milwaukee’s historic Riverside Theatre.